Predictive models and optimization algorithms are business assets that have real value only if they are usable and scalable

Collecting data, processing information to prioritize it, visualizing results to decide, transforming decisions into actions, evaluating the results of actions… The most powerful algorithm system is only useful if it is equipped to meet each of these needs, in the form of a robust, simple and suitable software.
The use of COTS solutions often leads to adapting the need to the tool, which in the long term will necessarily lead to losses for the organization and individuals. Based on this observation, MAD-E develops customized software that meets its customers needs. MAD-E also develops and publishes its own software that tools its methods to allow clients to appropriate them.


This can range from a simple simulator dedicated to the specialist running as a desktop on a PC, to the implementation of an AWS Cloud API, as a Software As A Service in production, intended for the company's customers.

MAD-E also plays the role of project management assistant (PMA) or project manager (PM) for technical projects of digital transformation consisting in designing and implementing software tools.

MAD-E implements its methods under generic commercial solutions, such as the StatCart AGR software dedicated to Global Risks Analysis, or in the form of internal software allowing it to standardize and accelerate deployment of analyses : MCRA, multi-criteria analysis, EBIOS RM, functional analysis and value analysis…


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