The technical solution is rarely a problem

But it becomes the main cause of failure when it is placed at the centre of the project and the digital transformation of organizations is particularly concerned.

Committed to a rigorous and incremental approach, MADE accelerates the creation of business value by seeking the true customer need as part of a strategy : the assessment of the associated constraints and risks, the definition of the expected functions that create value and the definition of the necessary fair in terms of performance, to control design costs and selling prices.


To address the growing complexity of our organizations, our knowledge in Life Sciences is an asset.

In essence, they are sciences of complexity and interactions. They deal with the fundamental problems of resource and energy flows, efficiency and trade-off.

Mathematics is the language of nature: the intersection of the knowledge of these two fields allows us to imagine new and innovative solutions in response to the problems encountered in your activity.

With active R&D and an insatiable curiosity for technological developments and their challenges, MAD-E accelerates and secures technical development to meet the need through the search for technical solutions, their evaluation and support for their implementation. All in a controlled project development framework, thanks to high technical expertise and global risk management methods.


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