AI to detect signatures of life on Mars

Signatures of Life Detected in Images of Rocks Using Neural Network Analysis Demonstrate New Potential for Searching for Biosignatures on the Surface of Mars

MAD-environnement co-signs this article in the scientific journal Astrobiology. It demonstrates the AI potential to detect extra-terrestrial life forms. In this study, we have developped the deep-learning model that detects biosignatures induced by microorganisms in terrestrial rocks. This innovative approach opens exciting perspectives to exploit images taken on Mars.  

Digital risk analysis and management methods

The risks of a digital transformation project are part of the overall risks of organizations. They must be considered as being in a digital war, in a situation of conquest and defense of territories, business and information that underlie the digital transformation. The AGR/EBIOS RM methodological linkage makes it possible to map and prioritize these risks whether their origin is intentional or not. The goal is to prioritize the decision to finance and implement control actions. An online conference with Sébastien Delmotte (MAD-Environnement) and Vincent Desroches (ANSSI). Conférence sur les méthodes d'analyse et de management des risques numériques

Driving its Digital Transformation through Risk

An article that presents an analyzing and monitoring risks approach related to digital transformation in companies, or how to get Risk Manager and CTO/CDO to collaborate to ensure the success of a project that could upset organizations and practices... This communication, resulting from the collaboration with Vincent Desroches of ANSSI - Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information - (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems) was presented at the 22nd Lambda-Mu Congress of the Institute for Risk Control. Piloter sa transformation numérique par les risques

Ecolocial risks: a Lambda-Mu d’or for MAD-E

We are pleased to have received the Lambda-Mu d'Or Award for the best communication during the 2020 Congress of the IMDR (Institute for Risk Management) for our article entitled : "MARIS, Modelling and Risk Analysis of an Invasive Species in the Climate Change Context". This paper and our communication to the congress present a multidisciplinary approach to risk assessment of a complex process, namely the development of an invasive alien species in the climate change context : field measurements, spatialized dynamic modeling, risk analysis and collection of the perception by the socio-ecological system actors.  


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