MAD-E supports its clients on their digital transformation project

From defining the overall strategy to designing and implementing AI systems in a secure framework, MAD-E oversees the entire process. This support is carried out on : leadership, identification and lifting of the success levers, locks and uncertainties, innovative design, technical realization and training.

Digital transformation is a complex project that must be controlled and secured, from the definition of strategic objectives to the implementation of technical solutions, with human at the heart of an ecosystem.

The first success factor of a digital project is the definition of its strategy and objectives, in line with the vision of the company itself in dynamic interaction with its ecosystem : environments, resources, customers, suppliers, competitors, predators, etc.

The degree of maturity of the organization with regard to these objectives must be assessed before the overall project and at key stages of its implementation.

The digital strategy is then developed into a set of sub-projects that aim to design, test, secure, implement, maintain and evolve products and services based on digital technologies. With the aim of maintaining the best short-, medium- and long-term trade-offs : costs, gains, growth, adaptability, sustainability, extra-financial benefits, etc.

MAD-E implements

  • a tool-based approach to managing digital transformation projects based on global risk management, whether it be opportunities or threats. We are among the only ones who know how to synergize recognized methods such as AGR, MCRA and EBIOS RM;

  • a strong expertise at a high scientific level on the processing and use of data, the very foundation of the digital project;

  • the ability to design and develop AI systems that meet identified needs.


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